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Providing Online Business Management and Virtual Assistant services to Coaches, Entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Working magic behind the scenes of your business enabling you to grow, scale, and achieve your targets AND be in your zone of genius!

We step in, step up, & get your shizzle done!

Flexible, Affordable, & Reliable Business Management & Support Services for your business and you! 

When and how you need it.

You may be feeling overwhelmed, have reached a ceiling in your business, and unable to grow or scale.

You may have put projects on hold, the business stagnating, and “stuck in a rut”, or sadly you may have lost your visionary or strategic position as your firefight the detail.

Have you stopped being in your zone of genius? 

You may be working too much, missing out on family or leisure time, or even have fallen out of love with your business because of the overwhelm.

It does NOT have to be this way.  You don’t have to struggle.

You may not yet know the huge benefits to you and your business of outsourcing tasks or of expanding your operations team, but we are here to support you wherever you are in the process.

We help make things happen in your business by being on your team (but not on your payroll!).

Not sure where to start or what you can outsource?  We can help with that too! 

So, if you are…

Needing support to manage the business, operations, team, or projects in your business.

Wanting to make your visions a reality, to stop faffing & take your business to the next level.

Ready to expand your operational team, resources & skillset minus the financial risk of taking on an employee.

Needing to regain control of your time to focus on your business, growth strategy, or your clients.

Ready to take action & realise the HUGE benefits of outsourcing to you & your business.

Wanting to get back to your zone of genius, to increase your passion & productivity in your business.

…then you are in the right place!

We can help get your shizzle done!


Presenting Solutions Not Problems!

For over 17 years we’ve been helping businesses like yours to grow by proactively managing the moving operational pieces ensuring progress is always being made and the job always gets done!

We’ll step in and step up to whatever is needed enabling you to step into your zone of genius and do the things only you can or need to do. We’re not afraid to roll our sleeves up to get stuck in!

Bringing masses of value, creative energy, and passion to all we do, we’ll support you every step of the way in driving your business forward whilst being deeply committed to your visions, values, and your goals.

In short, we care and will celebrate YOUR success as if it were our own.

We ensure our clients are valued, supported, and understood.

Our flexible and affordable packages start from as little as £25 per hour or you can secure ad-hoc hourly support, just when you need help.

We can release you back to doing what you’re brilliant at, lighten your load, give you peace of mind & get everything done!

How we can help!

One size does not fit all.  Every business is different and so are the packages we offer, they’re carefully crafted for you and your business.

Flexibility is key to outsourced support and we support you with a wide range of business, operational, and event management, business, and administrative support services.

With an objective overview, we’ll partner with you, create a clear plan for the management of your business, operations, and teams and ensure all of the moving parts are taken care of and everything is being done.


Business & Project Management

Operational & Team Management

Event Planning & Management

Website design, Audit & Maintenance

Social media Management

Community & Member Management


Bookkeeping & Credit control

Executive, PA & Admin Support

Flexible packages

Every business is unique – and your package of support will be too!

We provide a bespoke service of expert support with packages being created for each client.  You can be sure of getting the right level of support you need for your business with the ability to upgrade or amend your package.


It’s a myth outsourcing costs more than having an employee!

We offer ad hoc hourly rates, project, or retained packages so you can secure the help you need without any unexpected costs, meeting your budget, and without the financial risks of an employee – there’s no PAYE, NI, furlough, holiday, or sick pay.


Integrity, reliability, and trust underpin the relationship with all of our clients!

We pride ourselves on providing a transparent, reliable, and professional service.  Caring about your visions, values, and goals whilst ensuring you are valued and supported, whether you book 1 or 100 hours of support.  We care!

Work Collaboratively | Work Creatively | Work with us!

Support for you and your business – we’ll be your resource, your analytical friend, and your cheerleader, providing you the skills and expertise as and when you need them.

Client Love

Karen has been a stalwart in the expansion of the organisation. Karen's extremely well organised and meticulous in the management of the organisation’s operational & administrative activities. Karen is naturally creative and proactive in bringing new things to the table, she consistently goes beyond the call of duty to get things done and to provide support to others. Karen is a genuine jewel in the crown

Don James, Chairman,
Association of Serviced Apartment Providers

Karen is a true Events Gem! A rare, valuable and sparkling addition to any event... I've had the huge pleasure of working with Karen - she's an exciting professional with a brilliant eye for detail and someone who can tackle any challenge with seeming ease. Not only is Karen highly skilled in creating and running event, she's gifted at dealing with Speakers, briefing and managing them superbly and giving them all the information, support and research they need to shine at one of her slickly run and engaging events. Fantastic!

Shed simove

entrepreneur, professional motivational
speaker, Author, & Performer

Karen’s been supporting my company for many years on an ad-hoc basis. Business can fluctuate so I’m not able to maintain employees on a regular basis but need someone to manage my operations. It makes perfect sense for me to engage with Karen, I know I can call on her when needed and she can hit the road running. Implementing key processes, reducing overheads and freeing up my time has meant that my business has made significant savings and I know we now have a robust system in place so the business can thrive even if Karen isn’t with us. Karen keeps me on the straight and narrow, ensuring we meet our governance requirements and I never have to worry about the detail. I do the things I’m good at, knowing my business is in safe hands and that Karen does perfectly the things I cannot.

Private Client

The importance of communication & collaboration – without these two ingredients, corporate events are never going to work. What made the difference was Karen Taylor. She is a professional plate spinner with the patience of a saint. For the ASAP event in London, 9 months of planning with multiple stakeholders required exceptional communication. The event itself was a huge success for everyone involved.

David Barrigan, Director

Putting Edge Limited

I only recommend people who are fantastic at their job and Karen is a prime example. She is organised methodical and a whip cracker ( in a good way) I have known Karen for a while as a client and now as a friend and she is worth her weight in gold. Anyone would be lucky to have her within their team.

Richard Kean, Creative Director


Everyone needs a Karen! Engaged to audit our operational practices, to implement new systems & processes to ensure efficiency as well as to review and reduce overheads and oversee all projects were completed in a timely & efficient manner, we were always in safe hands. Our keen eye, an extra brain, a right hand but fast became the backbone of the business managing staff, budgets & operations. Karen was not paid to just say yes or tick boxes, but kept us accountable so we could have the time to focus & scale the business, knowing that the Operational, Team & Financial Management of it was in safe able, & truly dedicated hands.


Commercial Director

I have worked with Karen on a number of big and smaller projects over the last few years, and every time Karen has been brilliant. Her organisational skills, communication, and management of every project we have worked together on has been spot on. Karen is reliable, and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Aimee Mobbs, CEO

Flat Cap Design

Hard to believe just by securing a 20 hour package per month for Karen’s services that she has really given me personally back at least double this. She’s saved my business at least £2000 a month in the equivalent of my time which I’ve spent developing and growing the business securing signficant income. Karen’s services have delivered so much more than time and value both in my business and for me personally.




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